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Q Bar & Grill

6750 W Olive Ave

Peoria, AZ 85345


Phone: 623-878-2079



Mon-Sat  11am - 12 midnight

Sunday  9am - 9pm


Other Q Bar & Grill

20818 N 19th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85027


Phone: 623-580-0588



Mon-Sat  6am - 12 midnight

Sunday  6am - 9pm

(Breakfast served every day!)



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What's New

BREAKFAST!!!  Served everyday at the Other Q Bar and on Sundays at the original Q Bar.


This month

Daily Q Bar Specials

Dine in specials for every day of the week!



Daily Q Bar Specials

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value at the Q and the Other Q Bar & Grill. Take advantage of these great specials next time you visit!



Catfish:       Mini (6oz.) $7

            Regular (10oz.) $12.5

                 Large (1lb.) $16.5


Chicken Fried Steak: Regular $9

          ADD a steak for $3




Catfish:       Mini (6oz.) $7

            Regular (10oz.) $12.5

                 Large (1lb.) $16.5


Taco Tuesday: (Pork, Chicken or Fish) Mix and Match 3 for $5.00



Catfish:       Mini (6oz.) $7

            Regular (10oz.) $12.5

                 Large (1lb.) $16.5


Cheeseburger in Paradise: $8.5

          Cheeseburger and fries served with house Margarita!





Market COD:   Mini (6oz.) $7

                Regular (10oz.) $12.5

                     Large (1lb.) $16.5


Porkchops: 2 pork chops breaded & fried with two sides $9  ADD a chop for $3



ALL YOU CAN EAT FISH FRY: $13  Served with coleslaw and fries




Alaskan Pollock:    Mini (6oz.) $6

                       Regular (10oz.) $11

                            Large (1lb.) $15


Wings: One Dozen House Recipe Wings: $5.50 (Dine in only)

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